What Is A Pink Slip?

There are a lot of new terms and phrases thrown around when you’re learning to drive. “Anti-lock braking.” “Rear wheel drive.” “Mom, I know what I’m doing.” You know, things like that. It can be super overwhelming! Luckily, Aceable is here to help our Cali fam make a little more sense of it all. A common term that can be super confusing is “pink slip”.

Jerry wants to know wtf a pink slip is Umm sorry, what do those words mean?

Why is it confusing?

Because it has two different meanings. I know, wtf right? As if you don’t have enough on your plate, now you have to learn double meanings! It’s okay, let’s talk it out. ### Pink Slip: Meaning #1

One way people use pink slip is when they’re referring to a car title. This kind of pink slip typically contains information about the vehicle itself, including its make, model, year of manufacture, gross vehicle weight and vehicle identification number, or VIN. The title also includes information on the registered owner, such as his/her name and address and the name of the lien holder or legal owner. This is what they’re referring to in all those movies where they race cars “for pink slips”... Grease , anyone? Danny got 'em Danny got those slips, son.

Pink Slip: Meaning #2

The second meaning is a California-only thing. Yep, y'all are just that special! This time when someone refers to a pink slip, what they mean is a certificate of completion for a drivers ed course. Obviously this is the meaning most relevant to you right this second. In this context, a pink slip shows that you are on your way to becoming a responsible, safe driver. You have to bring this type of pink slip with you to the DMV in order to get your provisional license, so it’s super important to have. A great way to make sure you get it is by taking Aceable's drivers ed course online or through our mobile app! It’s convenient, way cheaper than other providers, and you’ll have so much fun taking it. What are you waiting for? Get that pink slip now ! giphy

Krista Doyle
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