What to Bring to the Indiana BMV to Get Your Permit/License

Here it is, it’s finally time! Time for you to go to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and get your learner permit or driver license . We want you to be prepared af when you walk in through those BMV doors, so we’re gonna tell you exactly what you need in-hand to walk out a licensed (or permitted) driver. So here's a list of what to bring to the Indiana BMV, whether you're a teen or an adult getting your permit or license.

you'll be in and out of the indiana bmv so fast with this list of what to brin In and out of the BMV like…

Teens Applying for a Permit (ages 15 - 17)

Here’s what you’ll need to get your permit for the first time:

  • A parent or guardian!
  • Certificate of enrollment/completion in drivers education (CDE) from your drivers ed provider.
  • One document that proves identity
    • a US Passport, birth certificate, Certificate of Citizenship
  • One document that proves lawful status (you can use the same doc you used for identity)
  • One document to prove your social security number
    • Social security card, W2, pay stub
  • Two documents to prove Indiana residency
    • If you don’t have two proofs of residency, your parent or guardian can sign an Indiana residency affidavit , which must be signed at the BMV
    • The person signing the affidavit must bring their ID, one identity doc, and two residency docs
  • Proof of financial liability signed on the back of your permit application by your parent or legal guardian
    • Basically, someone needs to claim financial responsibility for you
  • Money, money, money, moneeeey
    • 9 fiddy

you'll have so many papers to bring with you to the bmv When you show up to the BMV with all those docs

For a more detailed list on all acceptable docs, click here.

Adults Applying for Permit (18+)

Applying for a permit as an adult is a very good idea, especially if you’ve had no previous driving experience. Doing this allows you to navigate the open roads for the first time with some help from friends and family. In order to do this, you’ll need a list that’s similar to the one above, but just slightly different:

  • One document to prove identity
  • One document to prove lawful status
  • Two documents to prove residency
    • You can also have a family member/someone you live with fill out the residency affidavit if you can’t prove this
  • A Log of Supervised Driving
  • Proof of financial liability
  • Dat $9.50

Teens Applying for an Indiana Drivers License (16.25 - 20)

If you’re getting your license and you’re under 21, you’ll be applying for what’s called a probationary license. This just means that you’ll have some restrictions on what times you can drive and how many people you can chauffeur around.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your parent or guardian
  • Certificate of Completion of Drivers Education (CDE)
  • One document of identity
  • One document to prove your social security number
  • One document to prove lawful status
  • Two docs to prove residency
    • You may still need a parent or guardian to fill out the residency affidavit
  • Log of Supervised Driving signed by a parent
  • If you’re under 18, you’ll need your parent or guardian to sign an Agreement of Financial Liability
  • $17.50 to make ya witty

when you get your license, you'll be as free as kevin bacon in footloose Driving privileges, baby.

Adults Applying for an Indiana Drivers License (21+)

  • One identity document (is this starting to sound familiar?)
  • One social security document
  • One lawful status doc
  • Two residency docs
  • $17.50
  • Your bad self

you'll be fabulous when you show up to the bmv ready to get your license Hello, I’m here, you’re welcome.

Other BMV Trip Tips

While you’re there, you’ll also need to pass a vision test, knowledge test, and/or driving test, so make sure you come ready for those. If you need to, bring your glasses or wear contacts - anything that you’ll need to use while driving. You’ll want to make sure you show up at least 15 minutes early for your road test. If you want to make sure you’re extra ready for the written test and driving test, make sure you check out our Indiana test prep course for everything you need to ace the exams, including 20 levels of content and practice tests!

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