What You Can Learn from a Driving Manual Handbook

If you are new to driving, the thought of taking the drivers license exams at DMV may feel overwhelming. You may be wondering how you can learn all you need to know to pass the knowledge part of this test.

Fortunately, each state in the U.S. publishes its own Driver’s Manual or Driver’s Handbook pamphlet, covering all of the laws and regulations new drivers need to pass this test. These booklets are free of charge, and you can get a copy at any DMV branch office or download a pdf form from the internet. Just be sure to get the handbook for the state where you will be taking the test and applying for a drivers license.

Types of Driver Manuals and Handbooks

States publish separate driver manuals for people seeking a regular license for operating a passenger car, another booklet for motorcycle drivers, and one for commercial drivers licenses (CDL).

These booklets cover:

  • signs and signals used on roadways
  • speed limit laws
  • how to safely pass cars ahead of you
  • information about laws regarding drunk driving (DUI)
  • important road safety information.

Getting a copy of the driver’s manual or handbook for your state and the type of license you plan to apply for is one of the best ways you can learn the information you need for passing this part of the DMV test in your state.

These booklets are written using simple language and colorful graphics, making them easy to understand for most people. Many states also issue driver handbook information in an audio format for anyone who may have difficulty understanding written information.

Driver’s Education Schools and Driver Training Manuals

If you are applying for a first-time drivers license and you are under the age of 20, your state may require that you take a driver’s education course and show proof of completion before you can take the driving skills part of the DMV test.

Driver’s education courses also publish their own manuals, handbooks, and course materials to help students learn the rules and laws they must follow to drive safely. If you plan on enrolling in a driver’s education course, they will provide you with a copy of the state handbook or other curriculum materials with all the information you need to pass the test.

Driver’s education programs also have access to online practice tests covering the same information as the real DMV test. Taking online practice tests is one way of preparing for the DMV test. You can re-take practice tests as many times as you want until you are entirely comfortable with the material. After that, you are likely to pass the DMV written test the first time you take it.

Andrea Leptinsky

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