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Lines at the DMV can be a total bummer. Luckily, some DMV offices are open on the weekends to help alleviate weekday congestion.
This Distracted Driving Awareness month, Aceable is taking a look at the different ways states are dealing with the prevalence of distracted driving.
States publish separate driver manuals for licenses to operate passenger cars and motorcycles, as well as one for commercial drivers licenses.
When transitioning from one season to the next, there are some specific maintenance tasks that will help you have a fun and safe summer on the road.
For many, green may not the first choice in car color but surprisingly they yield good resale value. Here are 6 green-colored cars we think St. Patrick will approve of.
The Illinois SOS office has been in charge of issuing drivers licenses, learner’s permits, commercial drivers licenses, and state ID cards since May 2016.
In addition to wearing green and feasting on traditional Irish food, we think you should create a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition this year — giving your brakes some TLC.
Renewing your vehicle registration in Pennsylvania is fast and easy if you are eligible for online renewal.
Not everyone is eligible for online driver’s license renewal in Colorado; some people must still renew in person or through the mail for a variety of reasons.
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