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Driving is stressful enough. Get your teen ready to get their license by helping them with paperwork, gathering documents, and teaching them to drive.
Teaching your teen to learn to drive is a rite of passage. Make them a safe driver by teaching them the rules of the road and by being calm and gentle.
Once your teen gets their license, here are 4 ways to keep them safe: Set rules and consequences, provide support, use a safety app, and encourage more education.
How much do you remember from driver's ed classes? Probably not everything. Getting a refresher is a must before teaching your teen to drive, so start here.
Here are some trends we at Aceable think you will be seeing on the road for 2024.
Adding a teen driver to your family auto insurance policy could cost you more than $2,000 per year. Here is what you can do to cut costs and still get coverage.
Master the California freeway with Aceable's 10 expert tips for safe and confident driving. Navigate the lanes with ease and boost your freeway skills today!
Here are some of the top reasons teens in California are choosing to get their drivers license.
As a teen you may be thinking about getting a job some time soon. Here are some ways a driver's license can aid in that job search.