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Ohio has six categories of drivers license suspensions, including an FRA drivers license suspension. But what exactly is an FRA drivers license suspension?
With more than 50 car insurance providers, California does not play games when it comes staying insured. The 2018 average for car premiums is $1,962. 
Top car insurance providers in California, chosen by market share, pricing, discounts, and customer satisfaction ratings.
Certain demographics are more liable to get a ticket than others. But what's the reasoning behind that? Is there an science to it, or is it just unfair?
If you got a traffic ticket in the state of California, you may be able to dismiss your ticket by taking our traffic school course. We got your back!
Whether you are moving within the state, new to Ohio, or simply need to update your “status” because of life events, here’s what you need to know.
Your driving record affects your insurance rates, employment, and can even lead to your license being revoked. You should probably check it once in a while.
Have you ever wondered how far you can actually drive with your tank on empty? Is it bad to drive with low fuel? Let's find out.
How much is an Ohio drivers license? The cost mostly depends on how old you are when you get a license and if you take drivers ed.
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