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Texas has hundreds of colleges that are just as diverse as the landscape you’ll see driving across the state. Which ones get the highest grade for their appearance? Let’s find out!
A new app called VoterPal hopes to simplify voter registration. All you need is a driver license and a smartphone. Make sure you're ready for Election Day.
Headlights are a safety feature, both to keep others safe from us and to keep us safe from others.
There are several driving schools throughout Florida that offer supervised driving lessons taught by professional instructors.
All it takes is a little patience and a bit of practice. And like riding a bike, once you’ve mastered the skill, you’ll never forget it.
In addition to wearing green and feasting on traditional Irish food, we think you should create a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition this year — giving your brakes some TLC.
States publish separate driver manuals for licenses to operate passenger cars and motorcycles, as well as one for commercial drivers licenses.
This Distracted Driving Awareness month, Aceable is taking a look at the different ways states are dealing with the prevalence of distracted driving.
How to Survive Your Parents Teaching You How to Drive