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Looking for information about drivers ed, driving safety, or car maintenance? Get the facts, tips and ideas you need to get the most out of your drivers license.
To see how far auto technology has come since the year you were born, Aceable took a look back at the history of motor vehicles from 1980-2002.
As you get older, there are more forms to fill out, more paperwork to keep track of and more bills pay. Make your life much easier with these 10 apps.
A new study by Aceable Driving examines why teens are motivated to learn how to drive and why some adults are waiting to get their license.
How often do you need to replace windshield wipers? What type of wiper blades do you need? If you don't know the answers to those questions, read this post!
Worried about skidding when you hit a patch of black ice this winter? Here's how to properly handle the ice and snow on the roads. We've got you covered!
Registering your car in Florida doesn't have to be a pain. Keep reading for a how-to guide on how to register your car in Florida.
Not sure what to get the new driver in your family for Christmas? We've got you covered with a comprehensive gift guide for newly licensed teens.
If you're from Ohio, you know folks in the Buckeye State do things a little differently. How many of these quirky Ohio habits do you identify with?
Guys, you can stop making fun of girls' driving ability, because we have the data to prove it: Men are worse drivers. Show this to the dudes in your life.
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