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A driver’s license is usually all you need to show in order to be allowed to vote. Every state is different in terms of what else you can bring instead.
The Arizona MVD requires you to bring forms to prove your identity -- you can't to get a drivers license without them. Check out a list of the forms here.
When it comes to your driving record point system, it's best to think about it like golf, the lower your score, the better.
As a driver, it’s important to keep track of the necessities. When you get behind the wheel, you should always have your license on hand. Find out why!
Want to look cool on the road or support a organization? NV vanity plates are a great way to do both! Here is everything you need to know them!
The state of Pennsylvania requires teens go through the GDL, in order to drive. This process begins once the teen driver has turned 16.
Hello, Indiana! Are you ready to get your permit or license? Check out this handy list to find out what to bring to the Indiana BMV when you go!
One thing you should squeeze into your schedule this season? Drivers ed. Check out our top-10 reasons why you should get your drivers license this fall.
Let’s tackle what happens after you complete your Florida Drug and Alcohol/TLSAE course so that you can get your learner’s permit as soon as possible!