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Renewing your driver’s license online may be convenient, but it also means skipping the eye test at the DMV. So when’s the last time you had your eyes checked?
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If this post teaches you anything, it should be to never text and drive. Even if you’re sitting in a traffic jam or at a red light, do not do it.
Cold and flu season is finally here. Before taking that cold medicine and heading out on the road, check out the dangers of cold medications while driving.
It is that time of year again where ghost and goblins come out to play! Check out the spookiest haunted houses that you can drive to in Texas!
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The winter weather can be hard on your car. Keep yourself safe by taking care of these five spring maintenance tasks as soon as you can.
We all know that texting and driving is unsafe, but how much money can it cost you if you get caught? See the fines for texting and driving in your state.
Renewing your vehicle registration in Pennsylvania is fast and easy if you are eligible for online renewal.