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Who has the right-of-way when changing lanes? The left lane driver or the right lane driver? Texas Highwayman helps us answer this traffic trivia question.
What Is A Pink Slip?
July 20, 2016
There are a lot of new terms thrown around when you're first learning how to drive and they can be confusing and overwhelming. Like wtf is a pink slip?
"Highwayman Walt" has helped over 2,000 stranded drivers on the roadside. Here are his roadside survival tips for teen drivers.
It's summer, which means long days full of fun things to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Here's Aceable's bucket list of 50 activities for teens.
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Detours are suggested routes for getting around sections of the road that have been closed due to construction or public events. Just follow the signs!
Traffic is awful, but some cities have it worse than others. Traffic is worst in cities like Los Angeles and NYC, plus 8 others that might surprise you.
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