7 Times You'll be Excited to Have Your License

Virtually every teen imagines the day when they’ll receive their shiny new driver’s license. It’s so much more than a piece of plastic. It’s a rite of passage that signifies you’ve gained a little more independence. It’s a privilege that allows you to share the road wherever it goes.

The moment you learn that you’ve passed the driving test is sure to be epic. But that’s just the first time you’ll be stoked to have your license. Here are seven more times you’ll be ecstatic you’re a licensed driver.

The First Solo Drive

Everyone remembers their first time cruising solo after passing the driving test. You’ll find some excuse to go somewhere after dropping your mom or dad off just because you can. Freedom!

The First Day You Drive to School

Finally, no waiting on anyone or getting shamed for being the last one to get in the vehicle. Not to mention, without a carpool you have full control over the radio.

The First Time You Need to Run Out and Get Something

Nothing is more annoying than needing to run an errand without being able to drive yourself. But after you get your license you suddenly realize you don’t need an escort to make a quick run to the store. You can just grab the keys and go.

Anytime You Have to Show Your I.D.

When you have a driver’s license you have something other than your birth certificate for identification. And if you nail the license photo getting to show your I.D. is that much sweeter.

Getting to Pull the Homecoming Float

Have a driver’s license? Have access to a tow-worthy vehicle? Awesome! You get to pull the float in the homecoming parade. Is a convertible more your speed? Then offer to drive one of the homecoming attendants instead.

Providing Transportation on Prom Night

Some kids spring for a limo on prom night, but when you have a driver’s license other options are available. Plus, you won’t have to wrangle nine other teens whenever you’re ready to hit up the post-prom party.

That Time You Had to Pick Your Parent Up

Usually, you’re the one bumming a ride from your parents. When the tables turn, it’s a proud moment as a driver. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, there’s a strange sense of satisfaction when you’re the chauffeur.

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Krista Doyle
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