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8 April Fool’s Jokes to Play On Your Friends

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April Fools Day is not your average family holiday. It’s the one day every year that your teacher isn’t allowed to reprimand you and your friends for acting up. So, take advantage of some of our favorite pranks below and get in a few good laughs. Disclaimer: if your teacher is a stickler, don’t try these at school!

1. Get Creamed

The Oreo Cream/Toothpaste Switcheroo. Scrape out the filling of your favorite cookie and fill with a thin layer of minty fresh. Too bad the chocolate will ruin those pearly whites.

2. The Now You Pee it, Now You Don’t

Cover the top of your toilet bowl with a layer of saran wrap. Treat your friend to an extra large soda and wait for the games to begin.

3. That’s Soy Sweet

Fun fact, soy sauce in sweet tea looks just like sweet tea. Dump a hefty pour of the salty goodness into a glass and serve your friends an afternoon refreshment.

4. Look Ma, Green Hands

Add some food coloring to the cafeteria bathroom soap dispenser...Purple, red and blue fingers for all! Anyone that comes out clean, should be publicly declared a non-washer!

5. How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Scrambled or fried, glue the eggs to the carton and beg your friend for her infamous cheesy eggs. The result? Yolks, everywhere. Alternative egg-alicious prank: make a couple of hard-boiled eggs for your lunch. Ask your neighbor if they’d like one. Hand them a raw egg. Cracks us up every time!

6. Puff the Magic Dryer

Fill the front of your best friend’s blow dryer with baby powder. Watch the room cloud up with white chalk and her hair turn a shade, er, whiter.

7. Cookie Monster

Chop up some chilis and add to your chocolate chip cookie recipe. Keep a sign out that says, “Caution: Very Hot!” Can’t say you didn’t warn them!

8. Tats are (Not) for Kids

Get a temporary tattoo of your significant other’s name on your arm. Tell them you’re in this for the long haul and you’d like them to get one too. Watch their face turn white as a ghost and then explain yourself as quickly as possible to salvage the relationship.

Have fun!

Krista Doyle