How Much Does a DUI in California Really Cost?

What will a DUI in California cost you besides an unflattering mugshot? For residents of the Golden State, the consequences of drinking and driving include paying $2,000 in fines as well as thousands more dollars for mandatory alcohol education programs, legal costs and driver license reissue fees. Those calculations don't begin to cover income loss due to jail time and car insurance rate increases. We're talking tens of thousands of dollars . Wowza.

giphy-9 Think you're not at risk for a DUI? Four California metropolises rank among the top-10 cities with the most drunk drivers , including San Diego and Los Angeles , which lead the list at No. 1 and 2, respectively. Looks like some folks could use a refresher on California Drivers Ed .

Sure, some of your favorite celebrities have been arrested for drinking and driving and made light of the situation. Who could forget Khole Kardashian's epic trip to jail for not completing her DUI classes? But your average Californian doesn't make millions of dollars per reality show appearance, and the financial burdens of a DUI in California are no joke. Take a look at this infographic that will make you reconsider traveling tipsy.

dui-infographic And now, feel free to either laugh or cry:

Krista Doyle
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