Practice Tests to Prepare You for the Learner’s Permit Written Test in California

Taking a California learner's permit practice test is very necessary. This practice test will prepare you for what to expect on the real learner's permit test. Teens who take a practice test before the real deal are more likely to pass on the first try.

The passing grade for the test is 70%, so you need to answer 18 questions correctly out of 25. The questions are based on California’s DMV manual so you're fully prepared for what to expect. When you decide to take these practice tests, keep these important tips in mind.

Tips to Ace Your Written Practice Test in California


Studying is necessary. And the best way to study is by taking driver's ed. According to a recent survey by Aceable, 83% of parents said that driver's ed made their teen a more confident driver. Even more impressive is that 87% of parents said driver's ed made their teen more prepared for the challenges of driving.

In driver's ed, you'll learn about road rules and signs, driving laws in California, and much more. You'll have all the practical knowledge you need to ace your practice test — and the real one!

Be Time Conscious

Before taking a practice test, find out the exact time allocated for the learner's permit test. Use the time limit when taking the practice test. This way, you become time conscious, so you'll know exactly how long you have per question.

Start the Practice Test on Time

Start your practice test early. Doing so will help you start understanding new driving concepts and keep them at heart before the real test.

Avoid Distractions

Take the practice test like you would do for any other test. Avoid distractions so you can concentrate on answering the questions correctly.

Review Your Wrong Answers

Since this is your first time, you can't expect to get all the answers right. There is an answer guide that'll provide you with correct answers. Every state, including California, has a driver’s handbook that helps you know everything about the learner’s permit written tests. Review your wrong answers and memorize the correct ones.

Take the Practice Test More than Once

Don't take the test once and think you're good to go. The more tests you take, the more ready you'll be to answer the questions correctly. The main learner’s permit test is based on different random questions from a series of possible questions. Taking many practice tests will help you know what questions to expect during your permit test.

Preparing for Your Learner’s Permit Written Test in CA

Although taking practice tests is the best way to prepare for your permit exam, there are other important tips that will help you pass your learner permit test on the first try.

Sleep Well Before the Test

A good night's rest improves memory. Without sleeping properly, you'll find it hard to retain all the information you've learned through your practice tests. Ensure that you sleep for at least seven hours before the day of the exam.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

It's sometimes hard to eat breakfast, especially if one has a big day ahead. However, studies have shown that skipping breakfast reduces work efficiency and brain function, which could cause you to fail your permit test. Take your time and eat a healthy meal in the morning before the exam. 

Come Early for the Test

To avoid problems, arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam. If you miss any important paperwork at home, arriving on time can allow you to go back home to get it. Also, on the test day, you need to fulfill other requirements before writing the permit test. Some of these include:

  • Fill out and submit an application.

  • Provide proof of your state residency.

  • Provide your completed certification from a CA-approved driver education course.

  • Provide the signatory of a guardian, if you're below 18 years old.

By coming on time, you'll have enough time to do all of this without hassle. 

Take Time Before Submitting

Don't rush your written exam. Read the questions and answer correctly. If possible, read the question twice before choosing an answer. After answering, review your answers before you submit the test. Once you're sure of your selections, you can then submit them.

Driver's Ed Lessons Will Help You Prepare

Taking the practice test in California will help you prepare for your learner’s permit test. A learner’s permit comes with certain restrictions that can help you grow into a structured and safe driver. If you want to start learning how to become a safe driver now, then apply for our driver’s ed lessons today, as our research has found that 94% of teens who took driver's ed reported being safer drivers.

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