Pros and Cons of Getting a Drivers License

Getting a driver’s license is a tradition for many teens in the U.S. Although there are many advantages to learning how to drive when you're a teen, there are also several drawbacks you need to consider. Let's take a look at them below so you can decide if getting a license is the right step for you!

Pros of Getting a Driver’s License for Teens

They Get Freedom

After passing their driver's license test, teens get the freedom to do things they haven’t done before. They can take trips around town, drive themselves to school, and even go to a friend's house on a whim. Parents, of course, will set rules on the level of freedom by restricting driver hours or the number of passengers their teen can have in the car. The good thing about setting rules is that it will keep teens safer on the road while they explore their newly found freedom.

They Get Job Opportunities

There are several job opportunities for teens that require a driver's license. These opportunities range from being pizza delivery guys to delivering the morning newspaper. Even if the job isn't directly related to driving, some employers still like hiring workers that have a valid license.

With their newfound job prospects, teens will finally have an income... which means they can do all the fun things they want without relying solely on their allowance.

They Learn Responsibility

Getting a driver's license is a huge step in the life of most teens. It is a signal of their new phase of life: adulthood. And this new phase comes with responsibilities. They'll have to learn to take care of their care, obey traffic laws, and even keep the gas tank filled up. For a teen not used to so much responsibility, it'll be a big change — but a necessary one! Learning to take care of a car gives them the experience they need to excel in life.

Cons of Getting a Driver’s License for Teens

It's Dangerous

Driving can be highly dangerous for young drivers. Statistics show that drivers younger than 21 years are more likely to get into accidents. Unlike older drivers, teens have very little experience, and it can lead to crashes.

It Can Be Expensive

Getting a driver's license is not free. In California, for instance, it costs $41 to get a new license. But that's just the beginning. Every driver has to pay for gas, insurance, and car premiums, too. And for a regular teen, it may be too expensive to add all those extra expenses to their lives at that young age.

You May Have to Be an Extra Driver

Parents do their part to put their teens through driving school, so now it's time for them to return the favor. Newly licenenced teens can help out by grocery shopping or taking their younger siblings out. While this is a pro for parents, it's definitely a con for teens who don't necessarily want to be an errand-runner.

Start Your Driving Journey Now!

Getting a driver’s license for teens is an important decision one must think deeply about. Aceable has helped a lot of teens become drivers. If you're thinking of applying for a driver’s license, sign up for our teen online driver’s ed course and start working toward your driver’s license today.

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