14 Tweets That Sum Up Driving in Austin So, So Accurately

If you live in Austin, Texas, then you probably love everything about Austin, Texas, except ... the traffic . No matter how long you've lived here, you'll never get used to it. These Austinites and ATX day trippers perfectly sum up what it's like to drive here in 140 characters or less.

*one drop of water falls from sky and lands on the road* Austin drivers: ok let's all just stop

— Jillian Kushner (@jilliankushner) July 27, 2016

> The only thing that keeps me calm in MoPac traffic is knowing all my eggs are hatching because we're driving so freaking slow ?? = ? — Pokemon GO Austin (@PokemonGO_ATX) July 22, 2016


> My disdain for driving in Austin will never fade. — Zac McGee (@zacmcgee) July 5, 2016

> Driving in Austin...nope > > — Sherley Ly (@sherdilyquaqua) May 31, 2016

> I'm a few miles away from work, and don't have to be there till 9am. But considering Austin traffic that means I'll really be 20min late ? — Lex (@atxqueenalexis) July 13, 2016

> I'm 100% sure I had a different personality before having to drive in Austin traffic on a regular basis > > ??➡️? — diana (@hello_diana) July 12, 2016

> Austin traffic be like pic.twitter.com/Zj0OOG452q — Steve Treviño (@SteveeTrevino96) July 12, 2016

> I haven't even been driving for half of my life, but it sure feels like I've spent half of my life waiting to turn left in Austin traffic. > > — Julianne Saletta (@JulianneSaletta) July 6, 2016

> Driving on 35 in Austin in the pouring rain is just a cruel joke? — Rachel Rugeley (@rachel_lane) July 27, 2016

> Only Austin would have traffic at 9pm on a Sunday... > > — ✨Kimberly Cantrill ✨ (@Pink_PwrRangerr) July 18, 2016

> Things people in Austin must enjoy: •making sure their brakes work •bumper stickers •driving 17mph on highways •changing lanes every 22sec — Sarah Anna Wilson (@SarahWilson194) May 18, 2016

> Driving & parking in Austin is so incredibly stressful omfg > > — Faith✨ (@chillarybankz) July 26, 2016

> Driving in Austin makes me miss SoCal traffic. — Gary Oldham (@garytx) June 2, 2016

> @TexasHumor Downtown Austin traffic...And they waited till the light turned green to "mosey along" pic.twitter.com/Qn40ecU9at > > — Roscoe26 (@orozcoj26) July 24, 2016

And by the way, you're smart enough to know that you should never be tweeting and driving or Pokémon Go-ing and driving, right? Keep that phone out of sight unless you're in the passenger seat, friend.

Krista Doyle
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