Best Football-Related Car Accessories

Fall is in full swing, and you know what that means: football, good friends, tailgating and cheering for your favorite team(s). And what better way to take your devotion to the next level with awesome accessories for your car?We don’t just mean lightweight decals. We know you take your team seriously, which is why we […]

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Nonbinary Option Added To California Drivers License

As time has gone on, our culture has been able to evolve beyond the more black-and-white-style of thinking that oftentimes plagued and marginalized people of yesterday. We’ve been able to embrace so many previously disenfranchised communities and welcome those who are different than us, giving diversity a whole new meaning. It’s pretty amazing to watch […]

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The Best Fall Activities in Texas

It is officially fall in Texas, which means bootie season, slightly cooler weather, and the return of pumpkin-flavored products in every respectable grocery chain ever (we’re looking at you, Trader Joe’s!).While it might not be the same fall that the Northeast gets to enjoy, there are still a ton of things to celebrate about fall […]

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