The Top 10 Traffic Violations Police See From Texas Drivers

I know. You're an Aceable driver and you'd never dream of breaking the rules, but there are plenty of people who break them every single day. When they do, it usually results in a ticket and a good scolding from the police officer who caught them. Ever wonder which traffic violations police see the most from drivers? Of course you have. Well, you're in luck, because I've got your top 10 right here:

1) Speeding

Color us not surprised. To help you avoid the committing the most common moving violation, always be mindful of speeding limits, especially in school or construction zones.
Speeding violation

2) Running a stop sign / red light

When it comes to stop signs, make sure you actually stop. Pausing does not equal stopping. If you only pause then continue to roll through the stop sign, that's a sure fire way to get a ticket. With red lights, remember: yellow means "slow down", NOT "speed up".

3) Unsafe lane changes

When you're driving on a highway or freeway, it's important to always make safe lane changes. This means using your turn signals and allowing enough space to change lanes. And you should remember that switching lanes too often and weaving in and out of traffic can be dangerous.

4) Reckless driving

Reckless driving is easily avoidable by staying alert and focusing on the road. Multitasking can result in swerving and other signs of recklessness, aka stay off your phone!

5) Following too closely

This is by far the creepiest offense. Always be sure to allow a safe following distance between you and other cars, especially in the rain when you need more time to stop. Otherwise, get ready for a ticket.

dog driver Would you tailgate this adorable driver? Better not.

6) Violating railroad rules

This offense surprised me the most. Why would someone not abide by railroad rules? Have they never seen how big and fast trains are?! Always follow signs at a railroad crossing. Trying to cross the tracks when the lights are flashing can be extremely dangerous and can result in a ticket, or much, much worse!

7) Driving the wrong way

Come on. This one is easily preventable. Watch for signs for one-way streets. If you ever find yourself driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street, stay calm and quickly find a place to turn around. If you can't, pull over to the shoulder of the road until it's safe to turn around.

8) Passing in a no passing zone

If the double line in the center of the road is solid, you can't pass. Even roads that usually allow passing may have areas where passing is not allowed, so pay attention!

9) Not stopping for pedestrians

Every driver has been stuck waiting for a pedestrian to cross. Does that mean you can get impatient and go whenever you please? No! It’s important to yield to pedestrians to avoid dangerous, and possibly deadly, situations.

10) Driving under the influence

Please, please, please never do this. Driving under the influence is extremely dangerous, both for you and for other drivers. If you plan to drink, you should also plan on having a safe way to get home.

drinking and driving

There they are - the top 10 most common traffic violations. This is one list we'd better never catch you on, friend.

Krista Doyle
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