Top Reasons People Wait Until They're 18 to Get Licensed

While some people sign up for driver’s ed the second they turn of age, others may put off the process for a little longer. Whether the delay is because your older sibling drives you to school every day so you’re not in an immediate rush or you’re still saving up to buy a car, everyone has their own reasons for going at a slower pace. While we love a timely license (how could we not, we built an app for it!), we understand that some people need extra time. And for those that do, there’s actually a few perks that come along with the wait.

Reason 1:

You may not have to take a driver’s ed course (though we strongly encourage you to do so since the information it’s still valuable to your safety).

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In most states, you will just have to take a vision, written, and driving test instead. Some states may also require that you practice a minimum of 30 days while driving on a temporary instruction permit (TIP).Reason 2:

Budget Being on a budget is a great reason to wait until you are 18!

You’ll definitely be saving money. Some states have been cutting down on driver’s ed in schools which means free driver’s ed is no longer as common. Classes can run anywhere from $25 to $500, which isn’t a small fee if you’re putting multiple children through the process. But even more substantial are the savings you’ll see from not paying two years of insurance (which runs higher for younger drivers), not rushing to buy a car, and not paying gas. While you’ll still have to purchase a car and pay for gas eventually, giving yourself a little more time to save up from a summer job or two, is a smart budgeting tactic.

Reason 3:

Safe Being a safe driver is worth the wait!

You’ll be a safer driver. By gaining a few years in maturity and practicing some patience, you’ll be a more responsible driver. We hope that our 16 year old drivers are practicing safe habits too, but there’s no denying that older age makes you wiser and more aware of the consequences of poor choices.

However, whether you get your license at 16 or 18, it’s our top concern that all drivers are educated on safe driving habits and have put in the hours of practice (even if it’s not required). So if you’re late to the game, our suggestion is to treat it no differently than the regular process, so you’re just as equipped to be on the road as anyone else, even if it took you a little longer to get there.

Krista Doyle
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