Adapting Online Driver Training for the New Era of “COVID Kids”

The COVID pandemic may have “only” lasted a few years, but the impacts of those lost years are affecting us all well into the post-pandemic age. 

There certainly have been lasting negative impacts, like the strain on our healthcare system or the skyrocketing cost of housing, which can be attributed to pandemic-era migration. But there have also been positive impacts, like the investments made in online learning. 

How the Pandemic Improved Online Learning   

As people were asked to stay at home and shelter in place, learning moved from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom. Platforms that were already offering online courses were able to immediately offer alternatives to students. And new tools were added to facilitate online learning. 

Many of the “COVID kids” (those who lived through the pandemic during their formative primary school years) are well equipped for online learning thanks to the year many spent learning primarily online. And this is serving them well as they prepare to learn to drive. 

In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of online drivers ed, according to the parents who choose this route for their own COVID kids. 

Drivers Ed in the Post-Pandemic Era

Online drivers ed is on the rise, with more states allowing drivers ed to be taught virtually. And today’s COVID kids, and their parents, are taking advantage of the convenience and affordability of online learning for this major milestone. 

In fact, a new study by Aceable found that 39% of parents are choosing online driving courses for their teens.

Aceable was well-established as an online driving school long before the pandemic hit. We saw a large increase in student enrollment during the pandemic, which made us the leading online drivers ed provider. The cumulative growth rate in enrollments from 2019 to 2023 stands at an impressive 23.4%, demonstrating that the move toward online learning platforms is here to stay. And we’re continually improving our course format with feedback from students and their parents to adapt to the ever-evolving online learning environment.

The Benefits of Online Drivers Ed for COVID Kids

There are several benefits of online drivers training for kids from the COVID era. 


COVID kids are no strangers to online learning. They know how to navigate virtual classrooms (especially user-friendly platforms, like Aceable), so logging in and completing the program is a breeze. 

Even better, think of the convenience of online drivers ed for parents! No driving your teen to their in-person lessons or waiting around to pick them up. This is why 91% of parents surveyed agree that online drivers ed is more convenient than in-person courses.

Meeting Learning Needs

Classroom learning simply isn’t a good fit for every student. Many students need more support than a fast-paced classroom can provide. This is especially true for students who have trouble focusing in class due to disorders like ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). 

Take Aceable student, Kayda, for example. Kayda has ADD, and her mom, Alexa, was a little concerned about whether an online course would adequately teach Kayda the skills she needed to be a confident driver. But Alexa found that Aceable’s online program gave her and Kayda more control over Kayda’s learning. Alexa reports, “I like being able to go backward and delay things, start over, try again if she doesn’t get it or if she needs some extra time on one chapter.”

Alexa’s not alone in finding that online driving courses work well for today’s COVID kids. Three-quarters of parents surveyed agree that online drivers education best suits their teen’s learning needs.

Parental Involvement

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for the teen as well as being a rite of passage for the parent teaching the teen. And online drivers ed gives parents more opportunities to take part in the teaching process. Of the 601 parents surveyed, 71% agree that online drivers education allows them to be more involved in their teen’s education than an in-person course would.  

This involvement helps parents feel more at ease with the learning process by giving them a look at what their teens are learning and how. For example, with Aceable, parents can log into the parent portal to see how their child is doing with the coursework. As mom, Alexa, confirms, “I can go in and check her progress, and I can see what’s coming next.”

But parental involvement is about something more important than control. Learning to drive can be a bonding experience for parents and kids. An impressive 90% of respondents report that teaching their teen to drive strengthened their relationship.

Minimizing Social Anxiety

One sad result of the pandemic is the arrested social development of the COVID kids. They were pulled from social environments just as they were learning how to socialize and be comfortable engaging with lots of different people. 

While we encourage families to get help overcoming any lingering social anxiety, we also know it’s in everyone’s best interest to minimize the stressors on new drivers. Studies show that teen driving anxiety is on the rise since the pandemic. Adding to the stress about learning to drive by forcing socially anxious kids into an overwhelming classroom setting can hurt their confidence and make them mentally distracted drivers


While rates vary from one school to another, online driving schools typically offer lower prices than in-person driver training.

Consider California drivers ed, for example. A CA state-approved online driving school typically costs between $40 and $80, while an in-person driving course costs $300-$800.  

With both class methods covering the same topics, the online course provides a better value. 

The Effectiveness of Online Driver Training

Every parent wants to make sure their teens know how to drive safely. Studies confirm that completing a drivers ed program makes drivers less likely to get a ticket or have an accident. And 78% of parents surveyed agree that online drivers education helps their teens become safe and confident drivers.

If you’re unsure whether online or in-person drivers ed is right for you and your family, our article, Should You Take Drivers Ed Online or In Person, provides specific questions to ask yourself to help you choose the best fit.   

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